Shamsa Akhtar - Nursery Manager

Committed to providing a high-quality caring environment for all the children in our care. Developing staff principles that create stimulating learning opportunities, positive staff relationships and fun experiences. Over eleven years experience working with children alongside wide ranging academic qualifications including Social Care, Early Years Leadership, Special Needs and Safeguarding. 

Jackie Martin - Management Team

Outstanding staff member with over ten years experience in childcare provision and education. This experience means that a child’s welfare and development are of utmost importance. The service she provides is designed to allow flexibility of your child's care, and is tailored to your child’s needs. Qualifications in Childcare and Early Years, Health and Safety, Safeguarding and Special Needs. 

Other Staff Members

All our staff are highly-qualified professionals with at least a Level 3 Qualification in Childcare. DBS checked with exceptional references we ensure all staff are trained in our safeguarding policies and procedures and are committed to the development of all children in their care.