A stimulating experience where toddlers can discover, develop and explore. 



The toddler years can often resemble adolescence as it is a transitional time of huge change. 

Noticed a difference in your toddler? Striving for independence? During this period your child is moving from the dependency of babyhood to a new mobile world of preschoolers. You have probably noticed they are exploring their powers to communicate, move purposely, assert their individuality and may be able to control their bodily functions. 

At J&S Playhouse we are equipped to provide the relaxed environment your child needs while managing any challenges. We understand this age group often has frequent mood changes, interests and capabilities and strive to provide calm, consistent care and supportive teaching. 




Increased Confidence.

“Since being at nursery I have witnessed my child come out of her shell, be more friendly and sociable. It’s lovely to watch.”

— A.C.

Absolutely Fantastic

“The staff give such personalised care and build great relationships with the children. My daughter loves coming to nursery every day and has grown independent and curious about the world”

— L.K.

He doesn’t want to leave.

“At first I was worried how he would settled, but often he is having such a great time when I pick him up he doesn’t want to leave. Thank you JandS for providing such a welcoming environment for him to grow.”

— J.Y.