A safe environment bursting with opportunities for your baby to learn, develop and explore. 



The first two years of your child's life are critical for language and brain development. The experiences that occur in this time period are fundamental for laying the foundation for intellectual and emotional development. 

From birth, babies are busy, active learners, curious about all aspects of the world. They immediately investigate their environment; the sights, sounds and feeling. As sensori-motor beings babies and toddlers develop motor skills by exploring the world with their senses. Long before they understand a concept like "under" or "far" with their minds, their bodies are learning to navigate the up and down, over and under of the physical world: their perceptions are sorting out sizes, colours, and shapes.

At J&S Playhouse we provide babies and toddlers with activities that are meshed with their needs; a safe place, full of opportunities to explore and days filled with new books, songs and listening and responding to their vocalisations and words. 





An incredible place

“I had reservations about having to put my baby into childcare so early  but J&S Playhouse provide a great, stimulating and safe space for my little one to learn and grow. I am very happy with her care.”

— J.A.

Individual Learning

“Shamsa and Jackie have been amazing at responding to my baby's needs. They understand her temprament and build activities they know she will enjoy.”

— L.K.

Happy Baby.

“My youngest has built such a close relationship with the staff at J&S. They really provided a great settling in period to calm my fears and everyday they give me information about her care. She is very happy there.”

— J.Y.