Where young learners can build their confidence and skills, problem solve and gain an increasing understanding of the world around them.



As children move out of toddlerhood and into the independence of the pre-school years the programme for learning develops into a more structured pace of meaningful and purposeful learning, where children are encouraged to approach the world with curiosity and with a positive disposition to learn.

At this stage children need confidence and the skills and desire to think for themselves, to solve problems, to work with others, to communicate, and to gain an increasing understanding of the world and how it works.

Our programme for learning is designed to lay the pedagogical foundations that prepare every child to:

  • Be ready to read: confidently equipped with the desire, vocabulary, and language-deciphering skills they have developed through experiences that are meaningful to them.

  • Approach the world with curiosity and the knowledge and skills that lead to success in maths and science: a growing interest in the properties of things and the relationships and forces that exist in the natural world.

  • Use their social skills to perform in a school classroom: listening skills, self-discipline, patience, and discipline for the task, ability to work with others, and ability to solve problems.

Our Pre-school programme for learning builds on the children’s knowledge and skill base, learning style, and interests. Through a rich variety of projects children investigate the fascinating world in which they live, which enhances the development of emerging knowledge and skills. A balance of child-initiated and adult-planned guided learning across key areas of learning are provided for throughout the day.



Exceeding In All Areas.

“My daughter starts school in a few months and her nursery report shows she is exceeding in all areas. JandS have done a brilliant job in helping her reach her potential over the last 2 years and we will miss them all greatly”

— J.B.

Ready for School!

“They have so much fun at nursery, they don’t realise how much they are soaking in. With a great range of activities and extra-curricular music and languages it is a wonderful place for every child.

— A.K.

A beautiful Community.

“At the end of the day all the staff, parents and children are smiling. Being part of J and S is a great experience, it is more than just a nursery, it is a very special community.”

— S.J.